Nicki watercolor

Minaj watercolorDilettante artist Becky Lang (here and here) made this Nicki Minaj watercolor based on this shot. Shit is mad fetch.

5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Will Dominate 2010 (via Shadyville Caribbean)

+ Her Attitude
Nicki Minaj is some kind of unholy hybrid of Lil’ Kim and Gwen Stefani. Yeah, she can be raunchy, but she can also be playful, beguiling, funny, flirty, and coy.

+ Her Words
One of the things that separates Nicki Minaj from the crowd is her playful, dexterous use of language, making mundane lines pop with her eye for detail: “I’m so pretty like, be on my pedal bike, be on my low startch, be on my egg whites.”

+ Her Voice
Moving from helium-pitched heights, to snarling New York attitude, Nicki doesn’t just come up with interesting words, she also figures out consistently entertaining ways to spit ’em; whether it’s in foreign accents or using a double-time flow. She’s basically the Jim Carrey of rappers.

+ Her Style
Borrowing from Stefani’s infatuation with the Japanese Harajuku fashion sensibility, and combining it with her own tongue-in-cheekfaux-plastic look of a Barbie, Nicki’s well on her way to becoming a style icon who’s doesn’t know from subtle.

+ Her Crew
Like any success story, Nicki Minaj has some help, and in her case it comes in the form of her Young Money family (and Barbie). Nicki fits right in, holding her own with Drake, Lil’ Wayne and the other sex-crazed boys in the crew. Just watch her as she steals the show in the video for YM’s hit single, “Bedrock.”


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