R. Kelly – Playas Get Lonely

R. Kelly – Playas Get Lonely

01) Echo  02) Exit  03) Bangin’ the Headboard  04) I Love the DJ  05) Screamer  06) Skin  07) Fallin’ From the Sky  08) Tip the Waiter  09) Whole Lotta Kisses  10) Freaky Sensation  11) Be My #2   12) Son of a Bitch  13) Playas Get Lonely  14) Religious


backup: http://rapidshare.com/files/314894784/R._Kelly_-_Playas_Get_Lonely.rar.html


R. Kelly’s long awaited 9th studio album is released today. It’s been a strange trip for the fans following Kelly’s career lately. Early last year what was to be his official follow up to “Double Up” was leaked onto the internet. Rumors circulated that the album, “12 Play 4th Quarter” , was actually leaked by Kelly himself because he was unhappy with it. Others said his label was disappointed with the lukewarm reception of the two singles (and videos!) that were released in promotion of the album (“Hairbraider”, “Skin”) and did nothing to stop or prevent the leak.

Whatever reason, I’m just happy the music got out because it is some of Kelly’s finest work ever. Sure, it’s got a little auto-tune. Sure, it’s got some of the neo synth-poppy hip-hop R&B that is starting to receive backlash lately. But its also got songs. Beautiful, melodic, strange, horny and uniquely R. Kelly songs that more than any other album he has released seem to form a concise artistic statement. “4th Quarter” flowed like an album, not an assortment of tracks like it’s final incarnation, “Untitled.” Only two of the tracks from “4th Quarter” make the cut for “Untitled” and strangely, they are not the best ones and not even the ones that Kelly released as single and made videos for. Even more odd is that in the songs that made the cut R. Kelly didn’t even bother to edit out the vocal drops of  “It’s 12 Play 4th Quarter, bitches” leading one to believe he still has a certain amount of respect for his abandoned work.

“Untitled” is a really uneven, poorly sequenced album, so I compiled the best tracks from the early “4th Quarter” leak and the final “Untitled” version, along with some other non-album leaked tracks that should have made the cut, with the intention of creating a much more cohesive, flowing statement for someone I consider one of my own personal musical idols. He deserves it. I hope you like it and feel free to share it freely ’cause that’s what Kellz would want.


~ by talkmyshitagain on December 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “R. Kelly – Playas Get Lonely”

  1. Lots of features on the new one…didn’t expect that distraction. Thanks for “4th Untitled Quarter.” If it’s anything like “Tha Almost Carter” I think I’ll approve.

  2. Compared to most R. Kelly albums it’s relatively low on features. “Tha Almost Carter” was bomb. I should upload that again.

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  4. […] posting my best-of recent R. Kelly mix, I remembered a Lil’ Wayne compilation I made last year which compiled all the early leaked […]

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