3 d’s


Dubstep:  It wasn’t my first exposure to the genre, but when I listened to the Hatcha & Crazy D Kiss FM dubstep mix they did on June 3rd, 2009, I had this weird sensation that I was really listening to the future of music. How lame is that. I imagined that’s how it felt when hip-hop was just gaining airplay, with dj’s “toasting” over the tracks, mixing styles, languages, breakbeats, singers. We’re already at the point where there are almost as many shitty, copycat dubstep artists as their are original ones (and the Joker backlash is already in full swing), but I’m holding my breath that it’s not just another UK fad that is murdered by that island’s fickle nature. I understand listening to dubstep in the US and in the UK are really different things, so I’m sure my naivete in this regard is glaring but I really don’t care.

Drake: As a super critical motherfucker, it’s always a bit scary when an artist I love gets as much hype and buzz that Drake is getting. It’s almost scary. I could care less about 15 yo girls singing his songs on the bus, I’m more afraid that the fame will go to his head a bit, compromising his music. Thankfully, from the interviews I’ve seen, Drake seems like one of the more humble, level-headed dudes in the game. He truly does “want this forever” and his genuineness is really refreshing. And I like his sweaters.

DS: My Nintendo DS is the best $100 purchase I have ever made. Craigslist. M3 Real Card. You good.


~ by talkmyshitagain on August 21, 2009.

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