I had a stilted, pretending day

the national boxer edit

Matt Berninger, the lead singer of The National doesn’t so much perform on stage, but wanders, stalking the floor with red cup in hand and double-fist grasping the mic to croon when necessary. MN was all about them last night, First Ave was packed and the crowd was studious (one of the better crowds I’ve seen in awhile). I always thought the National’s tales of urban ennui really appealed more to the suburban frat kids playing beer pong in fitted caps, and the crowd last night kinda reminded me of that perfect mix of dudes who quote Rilke and dudes who quote Mraz. I ain’t gonna lie, I haven’t listened to The National for what seems like years, even though I listened to Alligator and Cherry Tree EP nearly every day in the 07 summer when I cleaned middle schools. Backlash has come and gone, most people say they’ve already peaked but I’m still excited as hell to hear what sort of unfiltered gobbledygook will come out of Berninger’s mouth on the next record. I talk shit about modern indie-rock guitar bands more than most nowadays but I have nothing bad to say about this band.

Look for some pictures over at MinnScene in the future. Props to Trent for the hook up.


~ by talkmyshitagain on July 17, 2009.

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