Trey Songz – Scratchin Me Up

trey songz wifebeater

Taking shots at Kellz for “following trends” is about the dumbest thing out of lots of dumb things Songz said on 106 and Park the other day. Especially since this track sounds exactly like R. Kelly circa leaked-12 Play: Fourth Quarter (which is still amazing by the way, and I’m assuming Trey  hasn’t heard it cuz it’s really the closest Kelly has gotten to old-school loverman, no guest spot-Kellz since, well, the first 12 Play. Sure he uses auto-tune on it, who gives a fuck). It’s all Polow the Don horns and soft/loud Kelly-ish breakdowns, not to mention the lyrical conceits about getting scratched up in bed would fit perfect sandwhiched between “Screamer” and “At the Same Time.”

hxxp:// (rename to http)


~ by talkmyshitagain on July 9, 2009.

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